How To Play


Welcome to Fantasy Cult. Let’s get the formalities started. We know you know exactly how to play and that’s why you are here. However, trust us when we tell you we are different from the rest.

FC is a one stop shop for all your fantasy cravings. Our offerings are broadly divided into 3 different products - Daily Fantasy Sports, Drafts and Auctions. You name it, we have it. Once you are on our website, we will ensure you don’t need to go elsewhere.

Fantasy sports are played by using your sport knowledge and skills. The idea across products is the same. You create a team. Based on how the team performs you get fantasy points. You win real cash if your team finishes in the money.

Daily Fantasy Sports

  • What is DFS?
  • As most of you are already aware, DFS is among the most popular form of fantasy sports right now. DFS involves building a team of athletes for a particular game while remaining under a salary cap, with points being awarded for each player's contribution for that particular match. Game Modes

  • Game Modes
  • Are you among those who prefer an early lock-in or are last minute changes your niche?
    Don't worry, we have you covered. Fantasy Cult offers 2 different modes of DFS ; Advance Play and Safe Play

  • Advance Play
  • In this mode, teams are locked-in 40 minutes before the official start time of that particular match, with no changes allowed after the lock-in time has passed.

  • Safe Play
  • Teams are locked-in 2 minutes before the official start time of that particular match in this mode, thus allowing users to make necessary changes even after the toss!

  • Teams
  • Each participant is required to make a team of 11 players. • You are required to follow the following criteria while creating your fantasy team :
    》Wicket Keeper - Only 1
    》Batsmen - Minimum 3 : Maximum 5
    》All Rounders - Minimum 1 : Maximum 3
    》Bowlers - Minimum 3 : Maximum 5

  • Select a captain and vice-captain for your team.
  • Your captain earns 2x points for his contribution in that game, while your vice-captain earns 1.5x points. Multiple Teams

  • You may join a contest with a maximum of 6 teams (provided the contest allows multiple teams) • You can not join both advance and safe contests with the same team. You may, however, clone the team and then join different modes.
    Example : If you have joined an Advance contest with Team 1, you can not join a Safe contest with Team 1. However, you are allowed to clone Team 1 and join the Safe contest with the clone ( Team 2 ).
  • Once you've joined an Advance Contest with a team, the team automatically gets saved as an Advance team ( A ) and can only be used to join other Advance contests, and vice-versa for Safe contests.
  • Drafts

  • What are Snake Drafts
  • Fantasy Cult offers Snake Drafts format. In a snake draft, each fantasy coach has one pick in each round. Each team makes its first-round pick based on a predetermined order. When the first round is over, the team that picked last in the first round picks first in the second round — in other words, the draft snakes back on itself.

  • Squad
  • Participants in Fantasy Cult drafts are required to pick a total of 15 players, and thus there will be 15 rounds of player picks per draft. Each participant gets to pick once in a round.

  • Criteria
  • As mentioned above, each squad must contain 15 players. Every participant needs to have a minimum of :
    1 - Wicket Keeper
    4 - Batsmen
    2 - All Rounders
    4 - Bowlers

    During the drafts, every participant MUST complete the minimum criteria needed in order to access the 4 free slots, i.e Rounds 1-11 constitute of criteria-based picks while Rounds 12-15 have no restrictions.

  • Time
  • Each Participant is given 2 minutes per pick to draft a player. If a Participant fails to do so, the system picks a player based on your Draft Assistant Priorities. If a Participant has turned off Draft Assistant/Has not selected players in his Assistant, the System will randomly pick a player who passes the criteria check.

  • Draft Assistant
  • Worried you won't make it to the draft on time? Say no more.
    Fantasy Cult has its own version of Alexa, the Draft Assistant, designed to make users life easy.
    How to use the Draft Assistant?
    Each participant can set 25 players on their draft assistant and assign each one a priority number based on his/her choice (#1 being the highest and #25 being the lowest).
    The Draft Assistant (provided its turned on) then takes control of your team if you're offline and picks players based on your priority list.
    Note : The Draft Assistant will still only pick the players who are needed to fit the criteria and will skip to the next highest priority player who fits the bill.
    Example - Participant X has set his priorities 1,2,3,4 and 5 as batsmen and 6 as a bowler.
    Draft Assistant will pick 1,2,3,4 (provided they are still available) and skip to 6 because you can only have a maximum of 4 batsmen in your first 11 picks.

  • After Draft
  • Each participant must submit their squad and name a captain and vice-captain before the start of the first match of the tournament. Your Captain earns 2x points throughout the tournament whereas your Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points.

    If a participant fails to submit his captain and vice-captain, his first pick is named his captain whereas his second pick acts as his vice-captain

    Points of the Top 11 players in your squad of 15 will be counted. This will be auto-selected at the end of the tournament based on the number of points each player has given.

  • Trades
  • Whats yours remain yours.

    Fantasy Cult does not allow trades. Your squad shall consist the same 15 players, who you picked at the start, for the entire tournament.

  • Replacements
  • Fantasy Cult does not allow replacements of any sort. You aren't given 4 extra players so they can serve exotic drinks, eh?
    If your player misses out due to an injury, gets kidnapped, skipped cricket to focus on skydiving or any of the 149 other reasons, Tough Luck.


    FC is proud to introduce it’s version of Auctions in the fantasy market. It is a unique concept wherein you bid for every player in a given budget and create your unique team.

    Each player is allocated a budget of 100 crore against an entry fee. You have to bid on each player being sold. The participant with the highest bid gets the player in his roster.

    You get 30 seconds to bid for a player. After every bid, the clock resets to 30 seconds. If there is no bid for 30 seconds, the player is considered sold.

    You can buy as many players as you like but you have to submit a final squad of 16 players. Out of your 16 players, the top 11 players with the highest fantasy points are automatically selected for your grand total. The participant with the highest total of 11 players at the end of the match/tournament wins the league.

    There will be a captain and a vice captain that you can choose from your squad. The captain gives you 2x points whereas the Vice Captain gives you 1.5x points.

    You can increase the bid by a minimum 10 lakh upto 2 crores, 50 lakh upto 6 crores and 1 crore thereafter.

    Additional features

    Time bank - Need more time to think. There is a 3 minute time bank at your perusal. You can activate the time bank if you need more than 30 seconds to think on a player or if you are offline

    Autobids - Want to sit back and relax? Just activate the autobid feature and input the max bid you want to put on a player. The system will bid on your behalf, one minimum raise at a time till you land the player or your autobid runs out.